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Minimalist and timeless, CASOLARI presents its collection of sneakers. Bold and dynamic, they come with a touch of metallic color. The model that will become cult brand CASOLARI is the Alpha 1 a low basket made of white cowhide leather with rounded and closed end with a flat classic lacing. This sneaker is mounted on a metal rubber sole.

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  • Metallic Blue Sneakers Alpha 1


    The Alpha 1 sneaker has a timeless style. Dynamic it is mounted on a metallic blue rubber sole. This low basket is made of calfskin. The rounded and closed end with a flat lacing sign the sobriety of the brand CASOLARI. Bold, she has a metallic blue leather paw on the back.

  • Metallic Silver Sneakers...


    Sober and timeless, the Alpha 1 sneakers is a low cowhide sneaker with a rounded, closed toe and flat lacing. It sports at the back a metallic gray leather paw. Bold and dynamic Alpha 1 is mounted on a silver sole.

  • Metallic Turquoise Sneakers...


    Iconic model of the brand CASOLARI, the sneakers Alpha 1 made of cowhide leather, rounded and closed end crosses the seasons with a timeless sobriety. It reveals at the back a metallic turquoise leather leg with a classic flat lacing. Intrepid and fiery, she is mounted on a metal turquoise rubber sole.